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Mexican Comics in English

First-ever English translations of Mexican comics. In the newest one, "Tenderness and Passion Between Women," a young man feels threatened when his wife is attracted to a lesbian.
Jul 11 '14

And so this 1998 Mexican comic, “Tenderness and Passion Between Women” disappointingly ends with tenderness and passion between a man and a woman. Probably to please the government censors, the story pulls back and, somewhat illogically, reunites Lorena with her husband after she has explored the erotic frontier with Karla. Her experience with Karla is not nullified completely (Lorena tells Karla, “You mean something to me,” and “You’ve left an indelible mark on my life”), but it is somewhat trivialized as “one more chapter in the story of her love life,” i.e. a phase, or adventure. To the comic’s credit however, Luis acknowledges that his “attitude and words” were “idiotic,” an obvious reference to the fact that he has called Lorena and Karla “perverts” and “sluts.”

Jul 6 '14

Aside from the government censors who had to pass judgment on this 1998 Mexican comic, not many of us are rooting for Luis. That’s pretty harsh homophobia, guy, even if your wife, Lorena, and her lover, Karla, have repeatedly lied to you. Well, let the games begin! See who wins the fair damsel as I continue to translate.

Jul 4 '14

The fireworks are flying in this 1998 Mexican comic. Don’t be too harsh with Luis. Though his initial reaction is to label his wife, Lorena, and her lover, Karla, as “perverts” and “degenerates,” later he wonders what was lacking in Lorena’s life. He has told her he’ll never forgive her, but never say never! Let’s see what happens as I translate the final smackdown. If you missed this comic from the beginning, read it here.

Jun 30 '14

Luis is not quite as oblivious as Karla thinks, as you’ll see as I continue to translate this 1998 Mexican comic, “Tenderness and Passion Between Women.” I think I’ve lost some followers, perhaps because there is not much Mexican-ness in this comic, other than references to Guadalajara (where Luis, Lorena and Karla live). But the ending, as you will see, probably was affected by the fact that a government censorship board passes judgment on all comics published in Mexico. That includes the overtly pornographic ones, which have to contain messages about evildoers getting their comeuppance. See how the story wraps up here, as I finish the translation, or catch up with it from the start.

Jun 28 '14

It’s definitely going to be an unforgettable evening. Lorena may be playing the misunderstood victim, but basically Luis has it right. Will the ladies pull the wool over his eyes at the dinner party? Keep reading as I translate this 1998 Mexican comic, “Tenderness and Passion Between Women,” or peruse it from the beginning on my Imgur page.

Jun 22 '14

Lorena, who previously had hot sex with her husband in this 1998 Mexican comic, “Tenderness and Passion Between Women” (see entire comic from the beginning on my Imgur page) has got to take stock.. Reminds me of the old Lovin’ Spoonful song, “Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind?” Or maybe Luis will take a broad-minded view — though in 1998 Guadalajara, where this comic is set, don’t count on it. Stay tuned to see what happens next.

Jun 15 '14

As translator of this Mexican comic, “Passion and Tenderness Between Women,” I’d like to thank Lorena, who is practically struck speechless by Karla’s now-welcome advances. “Oooh” and “aaah” are about the same in any language. What must Lorena’s husband, Luis, be thinking? Wasn’t Lorena due home from her art class by now? Find out as I continue to translate or read it from the beginning.

Jun 14 '14

Lorena lies to her husband, telling him she’s off to a painting class, when really she’s meeting Karla — initially determined to break off with her, but then wavering once again. Is Lorena painting herself into a corner? Find out as I translate this 1998 Mexican comic here, or read it from the beginning.

Jun 9 '14

Lorena is flustered — or maybe it’s excited — as she’s flanked by her two greatest sexual admirers. She seemed genuinely uninterested in taking calls from Karla until Luis came home. See what happens as she continues to play both sides against the middle in this Mexican comic “Tenderness and Passion Between Women.” Follow me as I translate it, or read it from the beginning on Imgur.

Jun 8 '14

Note the imagery of the calla lilies, a symbol of Mexico and here also a symbol of female sexuality. Their stamens are drawn like nipples (the name of the bar where Lorena met Karla also contains the word lilies), making Luis’s roses on page 39 seem boringly innocent. Follow me to watch the battle of the Lily and the Rose unfold as I translate, or read this Mexican comic, “Tenderness and Passion Between Women” from the beginning on Imgur.